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EcoAgLoader Spec Sheet

EcoAgLoader Features

  • Caterpillar low hour 939C
  • High rise modifications
  • 80" track centers
  • Front and rear carriage with dual side shifters
  • Set up for 40" pallets
  • 30" track APEX mud shoes
  • 4 lights forward, 4 lights rear
  • Steps on one side
  • No transmission, steering clutches, or brakes
  • Hydrostat drive with 6 cylinder
    100 HP

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From the Fields to Your Truck � Rain or Shine:

The EcoAgLoader Workhorse

Modified from a Caterpillar 939C, the powerful EcoAgLoader takes advantage of both ends to make quick work of pallets built right in the field.

EcoAgLoader in action

EcoAgLoader in action

Each of our 75 units sold carries up to six tons or four pallets from field to truck in all weather and ground conditions, saving significant time and labor while leaving the field in good shape for next year's crop.

The Perfect Combination for Higher Profits

The EcoAgLoader's extended reach can load an entire trailer or truck from the same side and - as the ideal EcoAgHarvester companion - it helps ensure clean pallets that meet the highest food safety standards.

EcoAgLoader in action

The EcoAgLoader shown above off-loading two full pallets from
the rear of the EcoAgHarvester

See the EcoAgLoader In Action

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