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EcoAgHarvester Features

  • Works in all weather, wet or dry.
  • Harvester front is all stainless steel for food safety.
  • Can pack all sizes of products.
  • Cleaner: reduces risk of E Coli.
  • Safer: Reduces worker injuries and related costs.
  • End of day clean up is one hour, compared to three hours for field-workers using the old "Hump" method.
  • No humps to push, allows women to do the packing.
  • Reduces the number of people working: 14 cutters, 14 packers, 2 box makers, 2 loaders, 1 driver.
  • Lease/purchase option available.

From Field to Shelves
in Two Days: The
EcoAgHarvester Timeline

  1. Get order in the morning.
  2. EcoAgHarvester goes to Field.
  3. Harvest, wash, bag, box, and load celery on pallets.
  4. Load pallets in field.
  5. Drive to Packing House or...
  6. Truck to store the night of the harvest, just hours after celery is picked.
  7. Depending on the contract and packager, fresh celery is on the shelves in one or two days.
The EcoAgHarvester - track details

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From the Fields to Your Truck, Rain or Shine:

EcoAgHarvester Washes, Packs and
Delivers Produce on Clean Pallets

The new EcoAgHarvester is a diesel powered, self-contained track hydrostatic harvesting machine, incorporating hydraulic technology to perform multiple operations in all weather and in all field conditions enhancing the seasonal advantage for multi-season growers.

EcoAgHarvester in action

The harvester and crew deliver cleaner celery to the shelves with fewer steps, cleaning and packing three to four thousand cartons of celery a day.

This harvester just isn't limited to celery as we can accomodate many of your harvesting needs. See the video below where we made a simple modification to also harvest Bell Peppers.

Built on a 939C Caterpillar Hydrostatic Drive chain and undercarriage with 30 inch mud shoes, the harvester performs multiple operations to harvest 14 beds at a time, a 50 food wide section.

This machine was born out of a collective effort of farmers, workers and the builder and fabricator.

The harvesters are produced in Ventura, California, designed and fabricated in house by Eco Power Systems.

A lease/purchase option is available.

Cleaner, Safer, More Profitable

The EcoAgHarvester utilizes food quality stainless steel to deliver cleaner produce with less waste and with faster delivery. Produce travels from field to distribution center or store without leaving the pallet, saving time and labor costs and resulting in fresher produce.

A safer harvest is another benefit. Fewer workers will suffer fewer injuries because this revolutionary harvester automates much of the lifting required in competing systems, which translates to lower medical insurance claims and associated costs. And because of the reduced lifting normally associated with harvesting methods such as "humps," an expanded labor role can be extended to women in the work force.


Built with unsurpassed quality and designed for pure efficiency, the EcoAgHarvester is destined to become the standard in celery harvesting.

See the EcoAgHarvester In Action

See the Versatility

Recently one of our customers asked us to modify their EcoAgHarvester to accomodate Bell Peppers. The Results were very successful as seen here in this quick in field video.

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John Berry, Eco Power Systems
Phone: (805) 644-7990